Paula (Lizzy) Borland

happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when we only remember to turn on the light <3

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Radio :)

I could actually listen to classic rock ALL day… seriously. 101.5 the wolf, you rock ;)

University life…

Currently sitting in the cafeteria being CONSTANTLY reminded as to why I need to bring head phones to school to get work done everyday. That laugh was the most obnoxious and annoying laugh ever heard to man kind. Not to mention the documentary playing in the background. Why did I forget my head phones today when I actually have stuff that needs to get done for once… -_-

Excitement all around!

I just check out a new place to live for next year and guess what?!?!? I’m taking it. I have never been so excited in my life to get out of this place. Now I just wish I had a few more friends to help me move all my shit from one place to the other. Oh well. It will be so worth it anyways. I can’t wait.

"1,2,3, and 4 the devils knockin’ at your door" ;)

you make everything beautiful

Underworld Vampires

Me:I so want to be a vampire from the Underworld now... I'd be sexy as heck.
Boyfriend:Did you seriously just say that? The Lycan's would look so much hotter but they are too afraid to make female Lycan's due to the nudity.
Me:I don't have a problem seeing naked girls... why should anyone else?
*I wonder about myself some times*
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